Yakima SkyLine JetStream Base Rack For Ford F150 with ReTrax XR Bed Cover
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Yakima SkyLine JetStream Base Rack For Ford F150 with ReTrax XR Bed Cover

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This complete multi-purpose base rack is for the Ford F150 with ReTrax XR Bed Cover with tracks that run on the outer edges. This system includes two load bars, four towers and the complete vehicle specific landing pad kits.

Locks are recommended and available separately in match sets, see related products.

Yakima produces uniquely engineered, vehicle specific, Landing Pad sets. The Landing Pads are the interface between the Yakima SkyLine Tower and your vehicle's factory installed connection points. The pads attach to the vehicle and SkyLine Towers connect to the pad sets. Includes snap-on covers for protection when tower is removed.

The Yakima SkyLine Towers offers a quick and secure connection to the landing pads for a worry free rack system. The SkyLine Tower connects and removes to the landing pad by simply opening or closing the tower cover. The tower also features BarBed with pitch adjustment that levels the front and rear crossbar to adapt to the curved styling of modern vehicle roof lines.

Yakima JetStream load bars are strong, quiet and aerodynamic providing maximum capacity, no whistling or howling and low wind drag. The aluminum box beam construction has a dedicated slot for tower attachment and a separate t-slot track for mounting certain carriers.

The weight capacity for this base roof rack is 165 pounds evenly distributed.  The load bar length 70 inches. Distance from the front load bar to the rear is variable along the length of the tracks.  Review the instruction manual for complete technical details.

What's Included    
Quantity Description and Instructions Part Number
 1  Yakima JetStream Bars [+]  8000427
 1  Yakima SkyLine Towers [+]  8000148
 2  Yakima Landing Pad 1 [+]  8000221