Yakima StreamLine SkyLine CoreBar Roof Rack w/60 Inch Tracks For Camper Shell Applications (LP1+LP1+SL+CB+1135)
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Yakima SkyLine CoreBar Roof Rack w/54 Inch Tracks For Camper Shell

  • Yakima Tracks 54 Inch w/CapNuts - Set of 2 (8001138)
  • Yakima SkyLine Towers - Set of 4 (8000148)
  • Yakima CoreBar 50 Inch BLACK Load Bars - Set of 2 (8000421)
  • Yakima CoreBar 60 Inch BLACK Load Bars - Set of 2 (8000422)
  • Yakima Landing Pad 1 - Set of 2
  • Yakima Landing Pad 1 - Set of 2

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This is a complete Yakima base roof rack on tracks for a custom installation into a fiberglass truck cap camper shell topper. Comprised of Yakima rack components, it's just what you need to add cargo capacity to your vehicle. Carry extra gear, add a roof bike carrier, a ski rack or kayak mount for your favorite outdoor adventures.  System includes two load bars, four towers, Yakima tracks with mounting hardware, and landing pads that connects the rack perfectly to the tracks.  Locks are recommended and available separately in match sets. Learn about the Yakima Same Key System (SKS) 

Yakima produces uniquely engineered, vehicle specific Landing Pad sets.  The Landing Pads are the interface between the Yakima SkyLine Tower and your tracks.  The pads attach to the vehicle and SkyLine Towers secure to the pad sets.  Includes snap-on covers for protection when tower is removed.

The Yakima SkyLine Towers offers a quick and secure connection to the landing pads for a worry free rack system. The SkyLine Tower connects and removes to the landing pad by simply opening or closing the tower cover. The tower also features BarBed with pitch adjustment that levels the front and rear crossbar to adapt to the curved styling of modern vehicle roof lines.    

Yakima CoreBar load bars are strong, quiet and aerodynamic providing increased maximum capacity, no whistling or howling and low wind drag.  The galvanized steel is rolled formed and vinyl wrapped to enhance durability and increase the corrosion resistance. 

Product Technical Information

This base roof rack comes with everything you need: (4) SkyLine Towers, (2) Yakima CoreBarload bars and (2) 54 Inch Tracks with Mounting Hardware (2) Landing Pads sets to connect the SkyLine Towers.  This rack requires two people for the installation, plus a power drill, drill bits, and measuring tape is necessary.  Review the product manual for full installation details.  In general, this installation works great on trucks with fiberglass camper shells that are level. 

The tracks are a permanent install, however, the load bars can be re-positioned on the track or the roof rack is also completely removable from the tracks within about 10 minutes. 

The weight capacity for this base roof rack is up to 150 pounds evenly distributed (check shell manufacturer for maximum capacities).  The load bar length is available in 50 and 60 inch lengths. Full-size pickups generally use a 60 inch load bar and mid-sized trucks use a 50 inch bar. Distance from the front load bar to the rear is variable along the track. Review the sample instruction manuals below for complete technical details.

Yakima Landing 1 Pad PDF Instruction Manual Yakima 54 Inch Track PDF Instruction Manual