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  • Thule TracRac TracOne Truck Bed Rack - BLACK (27000XTB)
  • Thule TracRac TracOne Truck Bed Rack - BLACK (27000XTB)
  • Thule TracRac TracOne Truck Bed Rack - BLACK (27000XTB)
  • Thule TracRac TracOne Truck Bed Rack - BLACK

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    The Thule TracOne pickup truck rack is a premium quality, aluminum, heavy duty, removable, clamp-on truck racks.

    These rust-proof, 100% aluminum truck racks have a load capacity of 800 pounds and fit both full-size and compact pickup trucks.

    The Thule TracRac TracOne require access to the underside and top portion of the bed rail in order to install fastening clamps that clamp down the rack system.

    The c-clamp single-axis compression design provides the TracOne with a secure, quick, easy installation for each support post, and eliminates the need for drilling. 4 aluminum crossbar ends caps and four sliding aluminum crossbar load stop brackets are included.

    Load bars are 65 inches in length, the height above the bed rail is 26.25 inches.

    Excellent aerodynamic performance due to the uniquely shaped load bars with integrated wind diffusers.

    Holds up to 800lbs when racks are properly installed and weight is distributed evenly. Vehicle limits may vary. Please check vehicle owners manual.

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