Thule AeroBlade Edge Frequently Asked Questions


The Thule AeroBlade Edge is the first complete rack system to integrate a low-profile, aerodynamic design with the strongest carrying capacity of any aftermarket rack.  Integrated bar and foot design combines foot and bar together for a low-profile, aerodynamic system.



Thule AeroBlade Edge
Arched Lightweight Bar follows the curves and lines of the roof compementing your vehicle.  Pre-Assembled for fast, easy installation.  Styles to fit raised rail, fixed point and flush rail roof types.  Fit Kits required for certain vehicles.

Thule AeroBlade Edge Features
Boxbeam Load Bar Structure creates the strongest aftermarket load bars in the world.  T-Track Compatible for fast mounting of carriers (Xadapt kit may be required for some carriers).  WindDiffusier technology disturbs airflow to reduce noise and drag for improved fuel economy.

Thule Edge Roof Rack System
Styles to fit raised rail, fixed point and flush rail roof types.  Fit Kits required for certain vehicles.  Thule One-Key lock cylinders are included to lock the rack to the vehicle.


Edge 7500 Series Usable Mounting Area

Thule AeroBlade Edge Usable Mounting Area

Actual Bar Lengths

7501 = 753mm or 29.625 Inches, 7502 = 833mm or 32.75 Inches, 7503 = 913mm or 36 Inches

Edge 7600 Series Usable Mounting Area

Thule AeroBlade Edge FAQs

Actual Bar Lengths

7601 = 815mm or 32.125 Inches, 7602 = 895mm or 35.25 Inches, 7603 = 976mm or 38.5 Inches


AeroBlade vs AeroBlade Edge

When choosing between the Thule AeroBlade and AeroBlade Edge it's important to consider the what is the best option for the intended use of the load bars.  

Both bars offer exceptional aerodynamics, however the AeroBlade edge integrated foot and bar attachment is lower profile by 1/2 inch and more streamline than the AeroBlade which uses a separate foot attachment.  This lower profile is not compatible with operation of most external opening sunroof designs.

Additionally, the AeroBlade Edge load bar does not extend beyond the attachment points for the ultimate in flush mount aerodynamics.  

The AeroBlade, as illustrated below, provides extra usable bar space to attach carriers into the T-slot which runs over and beyond the foot.  

For those who need the maximum space, in many cases it's possible to choose one size longer cross bar to further extend the load space of an AeroBlade roof rack system.

Thule AeroBlade versus AeroBlade Edge 

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