Thule 997 - Goalpost - for 2 Inch Hitch
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Thule 997 - Goalpost - for 2 Inch Hitch


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The Thule 997 - Goalpost is designed as a hitch mounted load support for long loads such as kayaks, canoes, and lumber but who's to say you can use it for field goal practice too?  Here we will just focus what makes the GoalPost a good choice for its traditional uses.  The Goalpost is sturdy, stable, adjustable, and is packaged ready for action.

Sturdy and Stable
The Thule 997 - Goalposts is for two inch hitches only, the strength and stiffness of a two inch receiver makes for a strong base for the Goalpost.  Thule includes an anti-wobble hitch bolt to tighten the Goalpost stinger into the hitch for a rigid connection.  Heavy duty stabilizer straps are included to provide lateral support from the load bar down to the trucks rear bumper.  All together the system offers a sturdy and stable rear support for loads up to 82 pounds.

The telescopic height adjustment of the Goalpost can match up to the height of the truck cab's load bar with eight,  two inch increments, with a 13 inch range.  It's usually best to shoot for a slightly higher position for the rear bar so a load will be angled down slightly from back to front.  It's easy to fine tune the positioning since the adjustment can be changed without tools.  A simple pin with a safety clip keep

Ready for Action
The GoalPost includes a special 58 inch Thule load bar that is pre-drilled to accept carriage bolt that sandwich the bar between two metal Y brackets.  The bar will not move and inspires confidence when transporting gear.  Thule also includes a set of two load stops that work well to position a canoe and help keep it from sliding side to side on the bar.

Optional Accessories
If it's not nailed down someone will steal it.  Well, the Goalpost is bolted to the hitch but if that's not enough for you consider the Thule STL2 -Snug Tite hitch lock.  This lock takes the place of the standard hitch bolt included with the GoalPost.  Don't attempt to use a non-Thule hitch pin as you'll loose the anti-wobble feature and ruin the threaded nut inside the stinger. 

It's nice that Thule includes the half set of load stops with the Goalpost but if there are lots of complete water sport carriers that should be considered when transporting kayaks and canoes.  Lastly but most important, you'll likely need a support bar for the truck's cab and Thule has that covered too.  Elsewhere on this site you'll find options for roof racks systems water sport carriers to compliment a GoalPost.

Thule 997 GoalPost Instruction Manual [+]