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  • Thule 898 - Hullavator - Lift-Assist Kayak Carrier at Rack Outfitters of Austin Texas
  • Thule 898 - Hullavator Pro - Carry Position - Rack Outfitters of Austin Texas
  • Thule 898 - Hullavator Pro - Carry Position - Rack Outfitters of Austin Texas
  • Thule 898 - Hullavator Pro - Rack Outfitters of Austin Texas
  • Thule 898 - Hullavator Pro - Rack Outfitters of Austin Texas
  • Thule 898 - Hullavator Pro - Rack Outfitters of Austin Texas
  • Also included:  two heavy-duty cam buckle nylon straps with buckle bumpers and a complete set of Thule pulley, ratcheting bow and stern tie downs with metal hooks
  • Thule 898 - Hullavator Pro - Lift-Assist Kayak Carrier - For Square and AeroBlade Bars

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    Aside from having someone else load your boat for you, there's no better kayak load assistant then the Thule 898 - Hullavator Pro.  With the Hullavator's help, you can lift a 75 pound kayak up to roof height with just two fingers!  Easy lifting and other thoughtful design features make the Hullavator a pleasure to use.  Thule has included everything needed with the Hullavator to transport one kayak on a Thule roof rack.  The Hullavator is innovative and has even received a Silver Industrial Design Excellence Award, one of the most prestigious, global awards in product design.  Smart design combined with Thule's construction quality will provide years of dependable and enjoyable use.

    Ease of Use
    It's what the Hullavator is all about.  Pull down the Hullavator's cradle arm assemble and your kayak lift height is reduced by 40 inches.  Set the kayak into the lower stationary cradle and adjust the upper cradle to the width of the kayak with a simple wing knob, tools free.  Strap the kayak to the saddles, still down a what would likely be waist height.  Next, just grasp the release handle and start guiding the kayak upward, gas-assist shocks will do most of the work.  When the Hullavator has done it's work for the day it can be easily detached from the bar mount leaving just a 1 inch above the load bar.  The Hullavator is easy to use, there's no other kayak carrier like it.

    The Hullavator is no plastic toy.  This is a highly engineered product made with high strength steel, aluminum and UV resistant plastics.  Thule's state of the art testing facilities in Hillerstorp, Sweden subjects Thule prototypes and random production units to simulations of 100,000 miles worth of vibrations, to intense UV rays, salt water, heat and humidity.  All this to insure the materials and design meet up to Thule's the ISO's rigorous standards.  Thule Hullavator is covered by Thule's lifetime warranty for assurance that the product is free of defects.

    What's Included
    The gas-assist shock bar mount assembly is the workhorse of the system.  The custom designed padded cradles attach to the bar mount assembly and are both adjustable in a T-slot track.  Two Thule heavy duty nylon straps with metal cam buckles and rubber buckle bumpers are included.  You also get Thule Quick Draw bow and stern tie downs with the easy to operate ratcheting pulley.  Mounting hardware is included to attach the Hullavator to Thule standard, steel rectangular load bars as well as Thule's Rapid Aero load bars.  Please see our roof rack category for information on a Thule roof rack if necessary.

    Fitment Notes
    The Hullavator will accommodate kayaks up to 34 inches wide in the adjustable cradles.  The maximum allowable kayak weight is 75 pounds.  Remove paddles, flippers, or other accessories to get heavier kayaks under the maximum.  Don't forget to bilge the kayak of water, a gallon of water weighs 8 pounds.  Load bars must be at least 24 inches apart and shouldn't be too far apart that the release levers can't both be reached at the same time.  Roof rack load bars must extend equally between 4 and 8 inches beyond the foot.  Adjustment may necessary and off setting the length side to side is perfectly fine.  In some instances, longer load bars then those recommended in the Thule Fit Guide may be required for your vehicle.  Check the Thule Fit Kit manual for measurements and do the math.  The Hullavator is compatible with Thule's AeroBlade load bars and because the under bar slot is longer than on the Rapid Aero load bars, it is usually possible to install one size longer bar than what is the recommended fit in the Thule guide.  The Hullavator is NOT compatible with vehicle manufacture's factory installed load bars or Thule's AeroBlade EDGE bars.

    The Hullavator is lockable.  Locks need to be purchased separately.  This is a good thing especially if you need to lock up a Thule roof rack too.  Thule's lock cylinders are available in matched sets.  Get a set of six Thule lock cylinders to lock the four feet of a Thule roof rack and use the other two from the set for the two lockable arm assemblies of the Hullavator.  In this scenario all the locks will operate with a single key - brilliant.

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    Thule Kayak Rack Manual Presented by Rack Outfitters   Thule Kayak Rack Help Presented by Rack Outfitters   Thule Kayak Rack Fit Guide Presented by Rack Outfitters

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