Thule One-Key System Lock Cylinders and Keys - Set of 6 (450600)
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Thule 450600 - One-Key System Lock Cylinders - Set of 6 with 2 Keys


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The Thule One-Key System Lock Cylinders includes the set of matching Thule lock cylinders and two matching Thule keys. The lock cylinders can be installed into all One-Key System Thule product. 

The new Thule lock cylinders have increased security features including increased tumbler protrusion and tumbler thickness making it no longer possible to force the cylinder with a screwdriver as the top of the cylinder will get deformed and the screwdriver will lose its grip before the cylinder rotates open.

For increased security the lock number is also no longer engraved on the face of the cylinder as a result you will want to record your key number in case you lose your keys.  That way if you lose your keys we can easily provide you with replacements.

For most Thule products purchased before January 2019 the key number is marked on the face of the lock cylinder. Simply find this number and you can order the corresponding key direct from Thule.

For most Thule products purchased after December 2018 you will likely have a new set of Thule locks which have upgraded security features. These locks do not have the key number marked on the face of the lock cylinder. In this case you will need to bring your roof rack or accessory to a Thule dealer or locksmith.