Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero SRB SILVER Complete Base Roof Rack (SRB+VA-SIL)
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Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero SX SILVER Complete Base Roof Rack For Flush Side Rails

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This complete multi-purpose base roof rack is for approved most vehicles that have flush side rails. Flush rails are factory installed roof attachments that runs from front to back on the outer edges of the vehicle's roof. Usually includes models equipped with a sunroof. System includes two load bars, four legs, and lock cylinders.

To order, simply enter in the required fields; your vehicle's year, make, model, type (e.g. SUV, sedan, wagon) and number of doors.  We'll verify the fit in our dealer fit guide and ship the correct foot pack, fit kit, and load bars for the vehicle.


The Rhino-Rack SX Leg Kit is designed specifically for use with roofs that feature factory raised side rails. Easy to install and remove, this leg is lined with an ultra protective rubber that eleminates any harm to the vehicle's rails. 

The Rhino-Rack SX Leg Kit also includes locking hardware and endcaps to act as an effective theft deterrent, giving a secure base to build from.

The Rhino-Rack Aero load bars are strong, quiet and aerodynamic providing maximum capacity, no whistling or howling and low wind drag.  The aluminum box beam construction has a dedicated slot for foot attachment and a separate t-slot track for mounting certain carriers.

Product Technical Information

The weight capacity for this base roof rack is up to 220 pounds evenly distributed, some vehicles may be less.The load bar length is one of four lenghts determined by Rhino-Rack and the shortest possible for the given vehicle. Distance from the front load bar to the rear is variable along the length of the rails, with a maximum spread determined by each vehicle's raised rail length.  Review the instruction manual below for complete technical details.

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