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New Thule Roof Rack Fit for 2012 Honda CR-V Coming Soon...

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New Thule Roof Rack Fit for 2012 Honda CR-V  Coming Soon...

Update posted on 15th June 2012 @ 10:53 AM

KIT3118 should be here at the beginning of July. I made some last minute tweaks that make the one month delay worth it! Stay tuned!!

A Tweet from Thule's "Fit Viking" gave us something to go on: "2012 Honda CR-V: Design work done for new kit. Prototypes on their way. End Transmission".

The completely redesigned 2012 Honda CR-V needs a completely redesigned Thule fit kit for the Thule perfect fit roof rack system. Thule's North American fit engineers are in development stages, prototypes are being tested and so the official fit is coming soon.

We expect that the 460 Podium and 460R Rapid Podium foot pack will be the same as the earlier models. What looks diffrent for 2012 is the factory flush mounted side rails versus factory fixed point connections used on earlier CR-Vs. This is a bonus for new CR-V owners because there may be an added level of versitility to the positioning of the load bars front to rear.

The factory side rails are rated up to 165 max weight which is excellent and the Thule rack system should pass along this same weight rating.


Update posted on 10th May 2012 @ 10:53 AM

New information on the fit for the 2012- Honda CR-V, photos below show that the kit is in production and nearing release, the kit number will be KIT3118.  We have had question regarding fits for the Honda CR-V with no flush side rails and to date, there has been no information about whether or not Thule will eventually offer this option.  The likelyhood of fitting the bare roof CR-V is usually determined by the number of units sold with and without the side rail.  To date, the side rail fit has been the priority.




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