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NEW Thule FORCE Roof Top Cargo Carrier Boxes at Rack Outfitters

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The new Thule Force is the brand new line of roof top cargo boxes can handle the carrying needs of active travelers in style.  Thule packs in top-of-the-line features and advanced engineering to make the Force cargo boxes easy to use, durable and secure.

New Thule Force Roof Top Cargo Box at Rack Outfitters

Ease of Use

A Force box can be installed in less than five minutes from start to finish.  The Thule Force boxes are relatively light and easy to maneuver to a vehicle's roof top.  Once on board, Thule's QuickGrip™ mounting system will adjust and grip to cross bars.  This mounting hardware is pre-installed in four tracks within the box.  The tracks allow the hardware to easily slide fore and aft in order to match up with the position of the cross bars.  Once the four QuickGrips™ are lined up, just hand tighten the dial and the hardware will simultaneously fix its position in the track and grip the cross bar.


1. Diamond-Textured AeroSkin Lid is durable and the aerodynamic shape helps cut through the air.
2. Tool-Free Quick-Grip mounting system attaches box to rack in less than 5 minutes.
3. 2 One-Key™ Locks (included) secure box contents and lock the box to the carrier 

Thule Force boxes offer dual side opening to make access to the inside of the box is easy too.  The box can be opened from the passenger or driver side of the vehicle.  This is a feature you won't want to live without.   It's an important feature for accessing the mounting hardware when installing or removing the box.  Dual access is invaluable when a parking lot is tight and one side of the vehicle is blocked.  

New Thule Force Cargo Box at Rack Outfitters


The Thule Force is constructed of high grade ABS plastic, the same plastic used in automotive manufacturing.  The material is light weight, rigid, and temperature resistant.  It's an ideal material for automobile exterior parts and cargo boxes which are subjected to many of the same stresses.  Thule starts with the best materials and adds advanced engineering.  Force boxes have internal lid reinforcements which makes opening smooth and effortless.  The base of the box, uses linear channeling which greatly enhance the boxes stiffness but also control air flow in a linear path from the front to back.  The various components of Atlantis boxes are riveted together at the factory, there are no nuts and bolts to vibrate loose.  Thule's state of the art testing facilities in Hillerstorp, Sweden subjects Thule prototypes and random production units to simulations of a 100,000 miles worth of vibrations, to intense UV rays, salt water, heat and humidity.  All this to insure the materials and design meet up to Thule's and the ISO's rigorous standards.  Force cargo boxes are covered by the Thule lifetime warranty for assurance that the product is free of defects.

Force XXL
Force XL
Force L
Force Alpine


Thule One-Key™ locks are included, if you have other lockable Thule products it is possible to have all your lock cylinders match up for easy key management.  An ergonomic lock knob allow for easy key turning even while wearing gloves.  When the box is locked, the contents are locked inside and there is no access to the QuickGrip™ mounting hardware.  The lid is locked to the base at three points on each side and is unlocked with the key from one central point on each side.  Car top boxes may even offer better security than the vehicle's interior.  With gear stowed inside a box it is out of site, which means a box may be less tempting to break into than a vehicle with gear in plain sight though the windows.

Thule One-Key System on Thule Force Cargo Box

Style Matters

Boxes don't have to be boxy, and they shouldn't be.  A box needs to be aerodynamic, it needs to move through the air with minimal drag to reduce fuel consumption and wind noise.  Force boxes are designed with aerodynamics as a priority.  The low frontal area, the linear base channeling, the AeroSkin diamond texture contribute to the efficiency of an Force cargo box.  The Force looks sleek and stylish with it's AeroSkin finish but in this case it's function followed by the form.  To take full advantage the Force cargo capacity it is suggested to pack in soft duffel bags that can conform to the various shapes of the boxes interior, or at least load rigid items in the center and pack around them with soft items.

Additional Notes

As always confirm vehicle fit with Thule's fit guide.  With certain vehicle and box combination rear hatch interference is unavoidable, the Thule fit guide can not specify this.  All Thule Force cargo boxes are rated to carry up to 110 pounds of cargo, weight should be distributed according to the manual.  Don't use a cargo box and a fairing at the same time, aerodynamics is most efficient when air can pass under the box.  To store the box, loosen the hardware from the cross bars, then re-tighten the hardware before storing the box flat.


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