Do I Really Need Locks?

One Key™ System Lock Cylinders Fit each Thule foot, locking the rack to the vehicle.  As you add carriers, you can use extra cylinders from your pack or special order matching cylinders to fit all your Thule One Key™ System products with just one key. Brilliant!

Thule One Key System

image-thule-512-120-thumb.png image-thule-544-120-thumb.png image-thule-596-120-thumb.png image-thule-588-120-thumb.png
512 Lock Cylinders
2 Pack
544 Lock Cylinders
4 Pack
596 Lock Cylinders
6 Pack
588 Lock Cylinders
8 Pack

Thule designs strong theft deterrents into their products.  Some products have the lock cylinders included others require the lock cylinders to be purchased separately.  Whether you choose to add the lock cylinders or not really depends on exposure to risk.  Below are some risk factors to consider.

Expensive Gear?
A thief would be more motivated to steal a $3,000 bicycle then a $300 bicycle for example.  For those with expensive equipment, it would be advisable to supplement the Thule security with additional security devices.

Follow a Regular Routine? 
A thief watches for patterns, if you park in the same location consistently and are away for regular periods, a thief looks for these patterns and may take advantage.   

Park in a Garage?
Generally there are fewer thefts in garages then street parking.  Home garages and private business garages may have the least amount of theft.  A public garage could have a somewhat greater theft risk since it is open to the general public.

Video Survaliance or Guards?
Well lit parking areas, garages, lots and streets are less likely to have thefts if surveillance cameras are visibly present. Security personnel seen making regular rounds is a very strong deterrent to would be thieves. 

Urban or Rural?
Population is a major factor in determining risk. Theft is higher in populous cities such as New York City compared to a much lower populated city such as Springfield, Missouri. Theft is usually higher in city downtown areas versus suburbs.  Also, some university and college campuses can have high theft rates.

Ultimately, one needs to consider these and many other possible factors that could lead to greater risk or loss. For the average users, purchasing lock cylinders for everything that can be locked is the best starting point and then consider adding one or more cable locks for gear that is at a greater risk.

Fortunately, Thule makes it easy with their One Key System, every Thule lockable product on your vehicle (or even multiple vehicles) can be locked with just one key which makes security convient.  When a lock is readily available and convenient, such as the integrated locks found on Thule products, it is much more likely to be used and thus, deter theft.

Spare Lock Cylinder and Keys

Get additional keys and lock cylinders to match your existing set by purchasing them direct from Thule website