SportRack Fit Guide

Review your vehicle options with the SportRack Fit Guide [+] (PDF 7,929 KB)

How to use this guide:

Find your vehicle make, model* and number of doors Find your vehicle year

What will the SportRack Fit Guide tell you?

  • Indicate the best place for you to install a SportRack Latitude Roof Rack System and accessories.
  • SportRack Latitude Load Bar options: Aero aluminum bars or square steel bars.
  • The SportRack Latitude Load Bars for your vehicle - Aero aluminum bars (SRA) or the square steel bars (SRS).
  • The SportRack Latitude Foot Pack for your vehicle.
  • Lists the SportRack Latitude Fit Kit required to adapt a particular SportRack Latitude Foot Pack to your vehicle.
  • Not all SportRack Latitude Foot Pack require Fit Kits.
  • Lists the maximum available bar spread for your vehicle, an indicator of which SportRack accessories are compatible.
  • The maximum weight your vehicle can carry, including load and SportRack rack system.
  • What accessories will fit your SportRack Latitude Roof Rack System (sold separately).
  • Please read appropriate Fit Tips on page 27 before installing your SportRack Latitude Roof Rack System.

*If not listed, no SportRack Roof Rack System is currently available for that vehicle.

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