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Roof Top Cargo Bag
Roof Bag

Roof or Rear, Box, Bag, or Basket?

Roof carriers do not hinder rear hatch access or add to vehicle's length.

Rear carriers offer low access height and do not add to vehicle's height.

Boxes offer superior aerodynamics and lock to secure gear inside.

Bags provide portability and low cost per square foot of capacity.

Baskets are versatile with options to add a variety of carriers and bulky items.

Review your vehicle options in the intuitive Thule Fit Guide Opens in New Window

For more technical information use Thule Dealer Fit Guide Opens in New Window with PDF format option.

Choose Your Load Bars

Load bars, otherwise known as crossbars, go across the width of the vehicle's roof providing the support for Thule carriers.

Thule AeroBlade Load bars  Thule AeroBlade Edge Load Bars Thule Square Load Bars
Thule AeroBlade Thule AeroBlade Edge Thule Square Bar

BoxBeam Aluminum Bar
More Width For Carriers
Low Noise and Drag
T-Slot Carrier Attachment*
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 BoxBeam Aluminum Bar
Integrated Low-Profile Foot
Lowest Noise and Drag 
T-Slot Carrier Attachment* 
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Tough Polyethylene Coating
Cold-Rolled Galvanized Steel 
Accepts Wind Fairing
Wide, Flat Surface Area
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Select your Foot and Fit Kit.

Thule Feet and Fit Kits are offered for specific vehicles and roof types; rails, fixed points, tracks, rain gutters, and bare roof. Learn More Opens in New Window

  Thule 450 Crossroad Foot Pack Thule 460 Podium Foot Pack Thule 480 Traverse Foot Pack Thule 300 Gutter Foot Foot Pack
  450 Crossroad
For Raised Rails
460 Podium
For Flush Rails,
Fixed Points
Tracks and Custom
480 Traverse
For Bare Roof
300 Gutter Foot
For Rain Gutters
  Thule 450R Rapid Crossroad Foot Pack Thule 460R Rapid Podium Foot Pack Thule 480R Rapid Traverse Foot Pack Thule AeroBlade Edge Load Bars

450R Rapid Crossroad
For Raised Rails

460R Podium
For Flush Rails,
Fixed Points
Tracks and Custom
480R Traverse
For Bare Roof
AeroBlade Edge
For Rails, 
Fixed Points
Tracks and Custom 

Add the carriers to transport your gear.

Bicycle Carriers Watersport Carriers Snowsport Carriers Cargo Carriers
Thule Fork Mount Bike Carriers Thule Vertical Kayak Carriers Thule Ski and Snowboard Carriers Thule Roof Top Cargo Boxes
Fork Mount Carriers Vertical Carriers Open Style Carriers Cargo Boxes
Thule Upright Bike Carriers Thule Horizontal Kayak Carriers Thule Ski and Snowboard Cargo Boxes Thule Roof Rack Cargo Baskets
Upright Carriers Horizontal Carriers Ski Boxes Cargo Baskets
Thule Tandem Carrier Thule Paddleboard Carriers   Thule Roof Top Cargo Bags
Tandem Carriers Paddleboard Carriers   Cargo Bags
   Thule Surfboard Carriers    
  Surfboard Carriers    
  Thule Canoe Carriers    
  Canoe Carriers    


Consider Security Options

One Key™ System Lock Cylinders Fit each Thule foot, locking the rack to the vehicle.  As you add carriers, you can use extra cylinders from your pack or special order matching cylinders to fit all your Thule One Key™ System products with just one key. Brilliant!  Do you really need locks?

Thule One Key System

Thule Two Pack of Lock Cylinders with Keys Thule Four Pack of Lock Cylinders with Keys Thule Six Pack of Lock Cylinders with Keys Thule Eight Pack of Lock Cylinders with Keys
512 Lock Cylinders
2 Pack
544 Lock Cylinders
4 Pack
596 Lock Cylinders
6 Pack
588 Lock Cylinders
8 Pack

*T-Slot carrier attachment may require Thule Xadapt kit and is not available for all carriers.