Cargo Carriers


Yakima LoadStops - Set of 4


Paired with Yakima Heavy Duty Straps the Yakima LoadStops help to prevent your loads from shifting side to side.  Rigid, yet gentle brace for carrying lumber, ladders, canoes, and other items with edges. Carries ladders and lumber with sturdy...

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Yakima Cargo Boxes

Yakima RocketBox Pro Cargo Box - 11 Cubic Foot


This torpedo of a cargo box is great for multi-sport adventurers.  It's long and skinny, leaving you plenty of room on your crossbars for other gear mounts, while still adding tons of cargo capacity.  It's the perfectly-sized box for skis and...

Yakima Cargo Boxes

Yakima RocketBox Pro Cargo Box - 12 Cubic Foot


The sleek, wide form of the RocketBox 12 is perfect for road trips in compact cars and hatchbacks.  Yakima's shortest box ensures you'll have plenty of room to open your hatchback, yet roomy enough to add substantial cargo space to your vehicle...

Yakima Cargo Boxes

Yakima RocketBox Pro Cargo Box - 14 Cubic Foot


You never know what all your happy campers are going to bring, so go big with the RocketBox 14.  It's roomy, yet aerodynamic.  Perfect for the family camping trip or any big haul.  It's like a second trunk for your roof.  Dual sided...

Yakima Cargo Boxes

Yakima ShowCase Cargo Box - 15 Cubic Foot - Anthracite


Specifications at a glance: Dimensions: 80 x 36 x 14.5 Inches, Weight: 46 Pounds Influenced by the curvy, contoured lines of a luxury sports car, the Yakima ShowCase cargo box collection strikes the perfect balance of utility...