About TracRac

About TracRac

Backed by the TracRac lifetime warranty on all of the racks. Designed and built with highest quality materials right here in the USA using US based ISO 9000 Certified manufacturing facility and highly trained and certified manufacturing personnel.

Made of rust free 6000 series aluminum (common in Aerospace and Marine applications due to its weight to strength ratio) and high grade steel.

Durable powder coat resulting in a higher quality finish and longer life. Electrostatic Powder coating produces harder and tougher finish than traditional ‘wet paint’.  The aluminum racks are lightweight, decreasing the load on your truck bed and improving gas mileage. Traditional steel racks can weigh up to 200lbs eating up a significant portion of your bed’s weight capacity and decreasing gas mileage.

Aerodynamic driven by the shape of our cross bars and uprights and detailed design features making them not only slice through the wind better, but also significantly quieter than many other racks

Airfoil ‘trip strip’ on all of our crossbars reducing wind noise and eliminating ‘whistles’ from slots.  Dual T-slot channels in crossbars enabling you to mount accessories on the top or bottom of the crossbar and store load stops/tiedowns below the rack for garaging purposes.

Routed crossbars (on top and bottom of crossbars) enabling you to load accessories without removing end caps on most of our products.

Unique curved and sloped shape of our cast aluminum rack upright connection points which increases strength and rigidity, lowers wind noise and improves the look of our racks.

Validation testing of our products to 150% of rated strengths on cycling life testers that simulate 20 years of operation.
Crash test results from major truck manufacturers ensuring that your rack will not hurt you in the event of a catastrophic accident.

U-channel bed protectors and rubber cushioning strips to protect the bed of your vehicle from damage during installation and usage.

TracRac is part of the Thule Group which is the global market leader in a number of product categories such as Sport and Cargo Carriers for the car, camera bags, and multi-functional child carriers. They also have a truly global reach, with Thule Group products in every corner of the world: On secluded Australian beaches, the busy city streets of Boston, bike trails high up in the Andes, or ski slopes in the Alps.

The Thule Group is an international group of passionate people who focus on developing safe, easy-to-use, and good-looking solutions for active families and outdoor enthusiasts. Helping them bring what they care for most when they enjoy their active lives.

Thule Group offers products for small things you always carry with you such as smartphone covers, as well as for heavier things you transport for longer distances using your car e.g. bike carriers. In short, we offer solutions for you to bring with you everything you care about.

Our products are sold in 139 markets globally. There are more than 2,000 of us working for Thule Group at nine production facilities and more than 35 sales locations all over the world. Net sales for 2015 amounted to 5.3 billion SEK.

The Thule Group headquarters are in Malmö, Sweden.


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